Alex's Story

_MG_1950Alexandra Elman has been a prominent figure in both the international and New York City wine industry for over 20 years. She founded Alex Elman Wines with a mission to produce and market a diverse portfolio of correctly made, honest, authentic and organic wines that are approachable and affordable to the American consumer. Alex Elman Wines released its inaugural portfolio of branded wines in 2011.

Born in New York City to an American oenophile and a Brazilian chef, Alex was exposed to wine and food at an early age. Both her parents encouraged her to experience the world's more unique culinary offerings. She spent her youth in Brazil, France and New York and this early exposure to an array of food, wine and culture honed both her palate and her passion for high quality wines made without manipulation.

After earning her Bachelors degree from Boston University in International Relations, Alex began her career in the wine industry at Perrier-Jou√ęt Champagne in Epernay, France. There she learned wine production at the Chateaux level-she was trained in a variety of areas such as proper blending, aging, packaging, storage and sales.  Alex then managed large volume corporate sales for Sherry Lehman, the most famous retailer and cataloger in the United States. There she developed a deep appreciation for some of the lesser-known wines and wine regions, which she found to be more compelling and honest-or truly reflective of their sense of place, their terroir-than many of the larger labels.

Later Alex entered the family business in New York, working with her stepfather, Basil Winston at Kinnicutt Traders, trading rare and fine wines from all over the world, including many California cult wines.

In her late 20s, after several eye surgeries, Alex lost her sight completely. Alex never stopped working in the wine world, and soon discovered that her palate had become even more focused. Her passion for wine grew, and Alex developed a reputation as someone who not only had an intricate knowledge of fine wine, but an extraordinary sense of what might succeed commercially.

In 2002, Alex founded Marble Hill Cellars, a venture that imported small production, hand crafted, artisan wines to the U.S..  At Marble Hill, Alex refined her criteria for wine selection and created the principles that directly led to the mission of Alex Elman Wines today.

Educated in several countries, Alex speaks five languages fluently. She is a frequent lecturer on wine, food and motivation. She travels the world with General, her Seeing Eye Dog, seeking out the best wines the earth has to offer.