General and his friend

Posted by: Doug  |  Date: Thursday, September 6, 2012

General is doing very well.  We had our last 'route' in Morristown yesterday. We went to the Morris County courthouse; through the security arch, up and down stairs, rounded tight corners, worked through narrow and busy hallways and even saw a prisoner! General nailed all of these tasks or 'obstacles' if you will, as well as escalators and revolving doors.  He is a great shopper too…thankfully!
At the end of the day he got a B+ because a made a couple of little errors (this is normal for all new guides).   I think we all forget how stressful this work is for new puppies! I say puppies because the average age of the dogs in my class is 20 months.  I think they are doing an awesome job considering!

After all of his hard work, these dogs need some play time and relaxation!