General Hobbs !

Posted by: Doug  |  Date: Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 3 with General.
It is clear to me that General and I have already bonded!  This doesn't always happen so quickly, so I am very pleased.  General Hobbs, as I have decided, is a great partner and is very playful.  This morning when I was practicing yoga, he decided that he would join me and literally showed me how to properly do "downward facing dog" and "upward facing dog".  He is also quite the yoga-mat hog!
We are about to go out to the town of Morristown, NJ to do our first "trip" of the day…fingers crossed that he is as good, if not better, than yesterday.

Hanley is coming for a visit tomorrow!!!  I am so excited to see how "my boys" get along!