General Conquers New York !

Posted by: Doug  |  Date: Sunday, September 9, 2012

On Friday, The General and I took our first trip to NYC together‚Ķhe rocked it!!!!  General lead me through Herald Square, Times Square, Bryant Park and Penn Station. HE also ate at the Bryant Park Grill, his first NYC dining experience‚Ķhe was a perfect gentleman! General is ready for his new life, based in NYC but he will be a world traveler, following in the paw prints of his big brother, Hanley!  I am confident that The General will be able to carry the mantle now!

General and I went in the NYC with my one of our classmates, Mike Amoruso and his Seeing Eye Dog, Dimitri.  Now, General is an adorable yellow Lab with beautiful Amber eyes and, although he barrels through the streets like an Italian race car driver, looks pretty harmless.  Dimitri, although totally sweet and harmeless, is a HUGE German Shepard and, can be rather, uh, intimidating.  The funniest site was to observe General rolling through the masses of humanity and then to hear the yelps of shock as Dimitri either proceeded or followed us. 

Quite a hoot!

 Stayed tuned to the continued adventures of Alex and General Hobbs!!!