Hanley Meets General

Posted by: Doug  |  Date: Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Big Canine Meeting

Today Hanley came up for Visiting Day.  I was a little concerned as I know how attached Hanley is to me and also how sensitive he is.  It was worse than I had anticipated!!!  Hanley and General met, sniffed each other…all over, wagged tails and basically, Hanley went trolling for cool things to sniff.  We all sat down on the grass together and Hanley turned his back on ME!!!  He totally ignored me and was giving me the cold shoulder!!!  General was very cute and wanted to play with him but Hanley would have none of it.  I must admit, I was a bit concerned. 

 After 45 minutes Hanley, reluctantly, came over to me and laid against my legs, back still to me but at least he was touching me a bit.  General was sitting up leaning against me and checking Hanley out. 

We all reached a "détente" and, in time, we will all be fine together.  By the end of our visit, General and Hanley were laying head to head on either side of my body…their heads meeting in the middle.

 Tomorrow General and I have our first solo trip, so pray for us!!!  He is doing extremely well and I am confident that tomorrow's solo will be successful!