Alex's Thanksgiving Wine and Food Pairings

Posted by: Doug  |  Date: Friday, November 16, 2012

Everyone is always asking me to give wine pairing suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner.

Personally, I need A LOT of wine to get through Thanksgiving!

Confidentially, my perfect Thanksgiving would be a 50 mile bike ride somewhere beautiful, a massage, Thanksgiving dinner with only my most favorite family members and friends, great wine and yummy food!  Of course, a couple of football games, on TV and out in the front yard to help digest would add to the perfection.  I digress…
I always offer both red and white wines for Thanksgiving.  Truthfully, it is because some people prefer one to the other and I aim to please.  Personally, I tend to drink both during the meal, it's all about abundance and excess, no? 

Alex Elman Torrontes is honestly, the perfect Thanksgiving white wine. Torrontes has hints of honeyed melon with a great mineral finish that just pairs perfectly with all of items on the Thanksgiving table:


Stuffing (mine is always a little spicy)

Sweet potatoes

Cranberry sauce, we make ours with fresh cranberries, a touch of orange juice, a little orange zest and a pinch of sugar all in the food processor

Roasted Brussels sprouts

Our stainless steel fermented Chardonnay works very well too.
Now, for the Red Wine option…
When it comes to Thanksgiving and red wines, I usually go a little lighter.  So, Alex Elman DOCG Chianti, Malbec and Bin 721, our Barolo blend each taste delicious with all of the Thanksgiving offerings.  Each of these red wines brings out something different in each dish.  Everyone has their own special dish and it is fun to taste each wine with each dish.  This way, perhaps, you consume less food and more wine!
Can't forget desert…some people save all of their tummy space for desert.  Wine is perfect for desert as well.  If you have apple pie, I would go with our Chardonnay.  If pumpkin pie blesses your table, then the Torrontes and Bin 721 both work splendidly.  If you are lucky to have anything chocolate or mince meat pie, go for a big red, Alex Elman Cabernet Sauvignon.
Most of all, enjoy the time with your family, eat lots of your favorite Thanksgiving foods and drink at least 3 glasses of wine!
Don't forget the left over's, which are even better the next day with a new bottle of one of our organic selections!!!