Bin 721 NBM

This Italian Vintner's creation is made from 70% Nebbiolo, 20% Barbera, and 10% Merlot. The Nebbiolo is DOCG Barolo coming from the best land in the Barolo region and is blended with the Barbera and Merlot for richness and color. This wine was created so that everybody could have a taste from one of the most exclusive wine growing regions in Italy. Bin 721 NBM is made with only sustainably farmed grapes and has no man made chemicals added. This wine is rich with notes of red berries, blackberries and a hint of smooth chocolate. Delicious with steaks, stews, pastas, and aged cheeses.

"Private wine label reflects the distinct vision of its creator."

The Miami Herald

"Wine trader has a sense of opportunity...Elman uses her heightened sense of smell and taste to decipher what kind of soil the grapes were grown in, what was grown nearby, and whether the wines were treated with chemicals or aged in oak barrels."

New York Post

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